A1 Nursing Care


As a prospective client, who will you talk with when you call A-1 for information?
You will speak directly with the Director of Professional Services, Shavaka Washington, the Office Manager, Kim Washington or the owner Vijay Patel.

Where are the A-1 companies located?
2060 South Taylor Road
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

Phone: 216-812-3426
Fax:  216-812-3431
E-mail: a1nursing@a1nursingcare.com

14805 Detroit Avenue, Suite 320
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Phone: 216-812-3426
Fax:  216-812-3431
E-mail: a1nursing@a1nursingcare.com

What geographic area does A-1 service?
A-1 currently services all of Cuyahoga County and contiguous counties.

How long has A-1 been in business?
A-1 was established in 1987 as a supplementary staffing agency, providing nurses and aides to hospitals and nursing homes.  While A-1 continues to perform this function, over the years the company has expanded to become a Medicare/Medicaid Certified Home Care provider.

Is A-1 certified and regulated by governmental entities?
Yes. A-1 is certified by Medicare, Medicaid, PASSPORT, and OPTIONS to provide services to qualified recipients.  A-1 must comply with the requirements of all 4 programs and is subject to periodic reviews by compliance officers representing all 4 programs.

What services does A-1 provide?
A-1 provides a full menu of services, including:
Nursing, Therapy, Personal Care, Homemaking and Respite.

Does A-1 have experience caring for citizens and clients experiencing Alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms?
A-1 has serviced the elderly for 29 years.  A-1 specializes in geriatric home health care and services many clients who are struggling with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Can A-1 service non-English speaking clients?
A-1 has Service Coordinators who speak Arabic, Gujarati, Hindi, Nepali, Russian, and Spanish.

Is A-1 care available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
Yes. At one end of the service spectrum, A-1 will provide you with around-the-clock or overnight coverage if you require it. At the other end of the spectrum, A-1 will provide home health care, homemaker service, in increments as small as 2 hours.

During what hours can you contact A-1?
You can reach the full staff at A-1 during normal business hours (8:30 to 5:00, Monday through Friday).  After normal business hours, you will talk with a Service Coordinator who is authorized to service most of your requests for home health care or homemaker services.

Are the RNs, LPNs, and Home Health Aides A-1 employees, or is A-1 a registry?
All caregivers supplied by A-1 are employees of the company.  A-1 is not a registry.  The typical registry disappears entirely after finding a home care provider for you.  The caregivers they place are independent contractors.  Most registries have no on-going involvement with their clients. A-1 provides you with a better level of health care and far more legal protection.

Does A-1 have its own training and testing program for Aides?
Yes.  The nursing staff teaches a course that prepares new Home Health Aides to address the basic medical and non-medical needs of clients.  This is a 60-75 hour course delivered over 2 weeks.  Testing consists of both written and hands-on testing.  In addition, Aides must take a minimum of 12 in-service credits each year to maintain their employment.  

Does A-1 perform a criminal background check on each of its employees?
Yes.  A-1 obtains an Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCII) clearance on every applicant.

Are A-1 staff insured and covered by Worker’s Compensation?
All A-1 employees (RNs, LPNs, Home Health Aides and Homemakers) are bonded, insured, and covered by Worker’s Compensation.  This protects you against damage to your property caused by our caregivers and against claims for injuries suffered by our employees while working at your residence.

Who pays withholding taxes?
A-1 pays all withholding taxes, including federal, state, and local income taxes as well as the required social security and Medicare taxes, freeing you of this burden and potential legal problems.

Does A-1 send the same aide each time?
A-1 feels that it is important for you to develop a confidence and rapport with your Nurse and/or Aide.  To this end, every effort is made to send the same Nurse and/or Aide each time, but this is not always possible.  A-1 will inform you in advance if there is a change.  The substitute will check your care plan and will access the care records of your regular Nurse and/or Aide before beginning with your treatment.

Will A-1 staff work with you, your family, and your doctor to set up a program of care?
Absolutely.  A-1 works continuously with you, your family, and your doctor to monitor the success of the treatment.  A-1 wants you and your family to be well satisfied with the level and quality of services provided and will adapt the care program as necessary.

Is there a daily written assignment sheet for the A-1 employee performing the services to follow?
Yes.  This sheet reflects input from you, your family, your physician, the agency covering the services (when applicable), the A-1 administrative staff, and the assigned RN and/or Home Health Aide.

What do you need to do if the Nurse or Aide does not show up?
You will call the A-1 office, where a Service Coordinator will promptly work to resolve your problem.

How does A-1 handle your complaints?
You can call our offices at any time to voice a complaint.  While our Service Coordinators can handle most complaints efficiently, you can talk directly to the Office Manager, Director of Professional Services or the owner if you are not satisfied with the efforts of the Service Coordinators.

Who supervises/disciplines the field staff and the Service Coordinators?
Our nursing and administrative staff supervises/disciplines the field staff and Service Coordinators.

What steps are necessary before A-1 will agree to provide services to you?
A-1 offers a free in-home comprehensive consultation with one of our experienced nurses to develop a care program suited to your specific needs.

Will the A-1 staff help you to determine possible payer sources and/or services?
Yes.  Our staff will inform you of each of the possible payers.  For example, a service may not be covered by Medicare but may be covered by one or more of the other programs.

Whom do you pay?
If you are eligible for any of the government programs, in most cases you will pay nothing. A-1 bills the various governmental agencies directly, documented by a treatment program and the record of hours worked, which you will review and approve.  Most of the governmental programs pay the full cost of services, with no balance due by you.  A-1 will bill you directly if you are not covered for the services provided by any of the governmental programs.  Under no circumstances will you pay the A-1 employee providing the services.

How much will A-1’s services cost you if you are paying part/all of the costs out of pocket?

  • Hourly rate (minimum 2 hours): The rate may vary with the level of service required and the number of hours per visit.
  • Sign on fees:  A-1 has no sign on or enrollment fees.
  • Deposit: If you are paying for the services A-1 requires a 2 week deposit before beginning to deliver services.

How do you pay?
A-1 generates bills every 2 weeks to private pay clients (those clients who are not covered by any of the government programs for some or all of the services performed).  You can pay A-1 by check or with cash.