Getting Your Patient Ready for Home Health Care


How well prepared is your patient to take up where you and your team left off now that they are ready to go home after getting round-the-clock care?

Without home support services, a patient may struggle to adhere to their recommended plan of treatment and require rehospitalization. Home health care provides patient support so that individuals can recover safely and regain their independence in the comfort of their own homes.

You can assist your patients in preparing for home health care by encouraging them to consider how they will manage their recovery after being discharged from the hospital. Explain to them that the primary goals of home health care are to assist patients in regaining functional abilities in the comfort of their homes through skilled nursing, therapy service, and home health aide assistance. Make it clear that receiving home health care does not indicate a loss of control or freedom.

Adjusting someone’s living environment before discharge can make returning home safer from the start. Small throw rugs should be removed or have non-slip backing to stay put. Make your bathroom patient-friendly by installing handrails or bars and ensuring there is proper lighting in all areas of the home.

Review your patient’s insurance to check if they are eligible or not. If your patient isn’t eligible, you can talk with your home health agency in Ohio and find the best solution for you and your family.

A-1 Health Care, Inc. specializes in home health care because we believe the warmth and security of one’s home provide the best setting for those requiring skilled care and non-medical care.

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