Making Homes Secure for Seniors


Along with wisdom and fewer gray strands emerging here and there, aging may also come with health conditions that impede mobility. And with such age-related illnesses and mobility issues, we become more prone to unfortunate events like slips and falls that can potentially be lethal.

To prevent such situations and to minimize safety hazards, here are some ways to make homes safer, according to a Home Health Agency in Ohio:

  • Provide Handrails.
    Handrails in bathrooms, bedrooms, and common areas are vital. Primarily since such items can provide seniors with support and stability as they get up or stand, making them less likely to lose their balance.
  • Keep Homes Clutter-Free
    Clutter can be a potential safety hazard since, when stepped on, it may cause slips and trips that can cause grave injuries. Thus, it is crucial to keep homes clutter-free when seniors live with you.
  • Provide Them with Assistance.
    Assistance from capable family members or a home health aide when walking, getting up, or doing everyday tasks is essential for optimum safety. Aside from it provides the elderly support, assistance with mobility also reduces the risks of injury.

To guarantee your senior loved one’s safety and security, please feel free to contact A-1 Health Care, Inc., the trusted provider of Home Health Care in Cleveland, Ohio. And yes, our staff and care providers have undergone HHA training, so rest assured that your senior folks are in capable hands.

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