Signs Your Elderly Loved Ones Need Home Health Care


Signs Your Elderly Loved Ones Need Home Health Care Our Home Health Agency in Ohio offers home health care services to help seniors remain comfortable and independent at home. Home health care can also boost health and reduce the risk of age-related issues, chronic conditions, and infection from diseases. Here are some signs your elderly loved ones may need home health care services:

  • Difficulty Performing Their Day-to-Day TasksAge-related issues can make daily living activities like housekeeping, grooming, bathing, and meal preparation more difficult for seniors. Home Health Aide and Personal Care Aide services can help seniors address these issues to promote their comfort and independence at home.
  • >They Experience a Higher Risk of Accidents at Home

    Mobility constraints can make getting up from being seated or lying down more difficult, increasing the risk of falls and accidents at home. Home health care providers can help seniors with mobility, walking, and ambulation to help prevent accidents and falls.

  • They Are Not Eating Well

    Another sign your loved ones may need home health care assistance is poor nutrition or unintended weight loss. Home health care services include meal preparation to help prevent malnutrition and to encourage healthy eating practices.

For reliable Home Health Care in Cleveland, Ohio, you can call A-1 Health Care, Inc. at 216-812-3437.

Services you could expect from us include Home Health Aide, Personal Care Aide, Homemaking, HHA Training, and much more.

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